53rd General Assembly of the World Federation of Exchanges
October 27 - 30 • 2013 • Mexico City

Dear Colleagues:

We warmly welcome all participants to Mexico and to the 53rd General Assembly and Annual Meeting of the World Federation of Exchanges.

We are pleased to share the outstanding cultural diversity that our country has to offer. With ancient traditions and modern metropolises, Mexico has historical sites that marvel all visitants, a gastronomic richness that has been declared Intangible World Heritage, and a hospitality that you will always remember. Thus, we trust that your stay in the city, and your participation in the activities planned will be gratifying experiences.

During the working sessions, we will witness insightful discussions between prominent experts that without a doubt will complement our understanding of the phenomena driving the changes in the capital and derivatives global markets.

The Mexican Stock Exchange is honored to have as a distinguished speaker the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. Similarly, the Governor of the Central Bank of Mexico and the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit will offer a bountiful overview of the Mexican economy in the global context. Also, we are glad to bestow the WFE Excellence Award to Nobel Prize laureate Robert Merton.

Mexico has one of the most promising emerging economies in Latin America, a region that is destined to play an important role for the growth of the world economy in the coming years. Mexico maintains a strong engagement to be a factor of economic and financial stability in the global context.

As a symbol of this gathering, we have chosen a paper pinwheel or reguilete, representing the diversity of the WFE and the dynamism with which we move in each of our economies in an integrated, harmonious and transparent fashion.

We sincerely thank your presence, enthusiasm and participation in this event.

Luis Téllez
Chairman, BMV

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